Resolute Wishes for Spreading flower petals to welcome Dhammayatra monks

With this merit of welcoming and spreading Benjasup petals on the path as if it were a sublime path of the monks who are the progeny of Buddhism on the passage of the Great Master and with our faithful mind to the Triple Gem and the Most Venerable Luang Pu, Phramongkolthepmuni (Sodh Candasaro), who discovered Vijja Dhammakaya, may we gain all wealth in finance, goodness, merit, perfections and wisdom in every lifetime.

May we have strong health, long life and be able to pursue perfections for a long time.  May we be prosperous in fortune, rank, praise and happiness.  May we possess the utmost quality in physical appearance, treasure, human, celestial, attendant and nirvana qualifications.

May we have great wisdom in worldly and Dhamma subjects, be a leader in good deeds and reviving Buddhism to prosper and spread brightness to mankind.

May we have endless willpower to commit wholesome deeds with cheerful life as bright as the sublime path strewn with colorful Benjasup petals.  May we be welcomed in all places, loved by people and celestial beings and able to pursue perfections with ease in every lifetime.

May we be happy, successful and prosperous in our life and easily attain Dhamma and Dhammakaya until the uttermost of Dhamma for evermore, Nippana pajayo hotu.

Benefits of Spreading flower petals to welcome Dhammayatra monks

1. Be well reputed among humans and devas

2. Possess a pleasant and resonant voice

3. Welcomed and glorified where one goes

4.  Celestial possessions, mansion, and attendees become radiant and prosperous

5. Blessed with good proportions and beautiful figure

6. Blessed with beautiful mouth and teeth

7. Destined for fortunate realms in the afterlife, barring one from unfortunate realms

8. Blessed with admiration from Devas and Brahmas

9. Attain Nibanna easily and quickly